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Market Strategies
Keystone Wealth Advisors focuses on utilizing strategies that will change depending on positive/negative market and economic conditions.  By being agile in our investing philosophy we have more potential over a full market cycle than traditional methods which can bring you more peace of mind.
  • Is this the perfect solution to my investing problem?

Maybe, maybe not, depending on what your investing needs are! Keystone Wealth Advisors discusses in depth with you to determine what your goals & objectives are in advance to see if we can facilitate your needs.

  • What makes KWA unique to other investment firms?

KWA employs several unique strategies from truly tactical strategies to long term investing that is tailored specifically to each clients’ unique lifestyle.  The most unique aspect is the management of the strategies selected.  We focus on preserving as much capital as possible in down markets vs just leaving it alone and hoping it will come back up in price.  This is done through years of research & experience.

  • How can I be sure it will work for me?

Well, we wish we could guarantee you positive returns each and every year but you know what they say, there are no guarantees with investing and we won’t promise you the moon but we’ll work hard and communicate with you to keep you informed.

  • How does it work?

Let’s say you want a long term strategy but are worried about a possible recession.  We’ll keep a close eye on those investments and when certain conditions occur in the stock/bond markets, we act accordingly and sell them and move to something else that warrants better possible performance in recessionary times.  If you participate in our tactical strategies, they automatically switch from aggressive to conservative depending on economic conditions using pre-determined rules.  Our livelihood depends on your success as well.

  • How can I participate?

The most effective way is to open an account with Charles Schwab, that’s our primary custodian.  This gives you access to any and all strategies.  We’ll help you get the account opened!  We work for you and are always available to chat.  Give us a call or email today!

Each Investment Advisor Representative is a licensed insurance agent as well and can offer annuities offered by insurance companies to diversify outside the stock market.
  • Is an Annuity right for me?

Not sure to be honest.  There are different types of annuities that can accomplish different needs and each has its own set of pros and cons.  There is a lot of confusion when it comes to purchasing an annuity so we try to make it simple and easy to understand for you to help you determine if it truly is in your best interest.  We believe in full disclosure so we’ll tell you how it is in plain English.  Knowledge is power and we’ll give you as much as you can handle!

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